Particularly unique to our approach is our attention to objectively identifying the true obstacles in your pathway. Our in-depth and thorough problem identification process ensures that we address our clients’ key challenges in order to collaboratively affect change. This approach is a direct result of Stephanie Spindell’s significant interest and experience in problem solving, data interpretation and analysis. Stephanie has a wealth of experience in assessing organizations for long term impact and financial health, and she holds an MBA in Finance, a Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management and Reporting and a Bachelors in Mathematics.

classroomWhether information is quantitative or qualitative, financial or not, it tells a story about organizational impact, financial health and stability. Spindell Consulting helps clients to improve and effectively tell that story for all to hear, including internal executives and board as well as funders and other external stakeholders.

We collect, research and evaluate client specific data as well as external information which may affect our clients’ ability to be sustainable. Our work is based upon the belief that through this evaluative process, critical issues are brought to light and discussed and a road map that leads to a more robust future is identified.

The art of problem solving requires being a good listener, having patience, being thorough, honest and having good insight. We pride ourselves on ALL of those things. Spindell Consulting carefully listens to our clients’ issues and works with them to determine their priorities. We educate clients so they will have a better understanding of how to make appropriate business and strategic decisions to achieve their goals.