Many nonprofit professionals find it difficult to be objective when analyzing their group’s operations, and often can’t pinpoint what’s not working and why. That is why clients turn to Spindell Consulting, to manage and guide them through this analytical process. Spindell Consulting has provided services to a diverse group of businesses of varying sizes in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, with a particular emphasis in arts and cultural and youth serving organizations.

Questions We Help Clients Answer:

  • What should board members and senior leadership know about financial oversight duties so that the organizational assets are adequately safeguarded?
  • What are areas of potential financial drain?
  • How should we measure “success”?
  • What practices or strategies will help to increase our impact and effectiveness?
  • How can we improve financial and board report transparency and accountability?
  • What options are available to increase revenues or save money?
  • Which organization(s) would suit us for partnering?

Outcomes Our Clients Can Expect:

  • Strategies, Tools & Plans to minimize potential drains to operating results
  • Best Practices in Scenario Planning & Risk Management
  • Board/Staff Training – Fiduciary Oversight Musts
  • Financial Report Critiques & Analysis/Interpretation
  • Improved Performance & Risk Measurement & Monitoring
  • More Effective & Efficient Use of Resources
  • Revenue Growth Alternatives
  • Partner/Peer Comparisons

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A report entitled, The 2016 National Arts Index, An Annual Measure of the Vitality of Arts and Culture in the United States: 2002-2013, was recently released by Americans for the Arts. As I read the report I was not surprised but I was disheartened by the financial challenges faced by this sector, especially after reading another earlier report (Oliver Wyman and SeaChange Capital Partners) about the entire nonprofit sector’s need to improve financial risk management procedures and policies.
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